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Learn Face Painting

Would you like to learn to face paint? Our face painting training sessions are for everyone, any age, any ability and are great fun. Learn at your own pace and in a way which suits you best. We have one to one training, structured group training sessions, specialist workshops, regular practice clubs and face painting jams. We also deliver corporate workshops and business training.

Face Painting One to One

Whether you are a complete novice or a face painter in need of some extra support to build your skills and confidence, our one to one sessions may be just what you need. Our tutors are also experienced face painters and have probably been there and bought, worn and sold the t-shirt. Prices vary depending on tutor expertise.

Face Painting for Fun

This structured 9 hour face painting training course is available as a one day workshop or spread over 6 sessions at 1.5 hours per session. Suitable for beginner face painters but can also be tailored for intermediate and advanced painters.

Face Painting for Work

This structured 30 hour face painting training course is available as a five day course or spread over 12 sessions at 2.5 hours per session. Suitable for beginner, intermediate or advanced face painters.

Face Painting for Teams

Our unique face painting team bonding sessions are excellent for the learning and development of inter-personal skills, creativity, confidence building and aim to help teams to build a bond in a fun and unique way.

Face Painting Specialist Workshops

Our specialist face painting workshops are incredibly popular. The visiting tutors are all experts in what they do. Each workshop is different depending on their unique specialty. Look out for these and book early to avoid disappointment.

Face Painting Practice Sessions

The key to making the most out of our face painting training is practice and lots of it. It is more fun when you are in a group so our regular practice sessions are designed to bring painters together to encourage shared knowledge and experiences, emotional, social and practical help to each other. Our practice sessions operate regularly alongside our workshops and training courses.

Face Painting Jams

Jams are networking for face painters. Get together with other face painters. Show off your kit. Swap tips and techniques. Eat, drink, paint, chat, have fun. We run face painting jams throughout the year and announce them on the website, our facebook page, twitter and other social media.

Face Painting for Business

When you are ready to start your own face painting business, we can help. Our workshops cover everything from the business essentials through to costing, pricing, marketing, websites and much more. It is a complete face painting business training package in a box.

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